• Turn Your Mission into a Movement

    Operations | Organizing | Political Consulting

  • Turn Your Mission into a Movement

    Operations | Organizing | Political Consulting

Direct voter contact programs are logistical challenges. At Scale dissects goals and completes the objective - 1 checkbox at a time. We work the details to maximize your dollars and conversations.


Every movement needs an entity. We help you check all the boxes including proper registrations, insurance, banking and accounting. Then we manage it so you can focus on your message and mission. Read more


We support your employees so they can support your mission. From on-boarding and benefits administration to employee handbooks and company culture, we help take care of your most important assets. Read more


Most of the time an organization's budget isn't just one check or wire; there can be hundreds to thousands of transactions. We help you build and track complicated budgets to prioritize every dollar. Read more


A good signature program is about working within the rules to maximize volume and validity rate. We help you build integrated programs that turn support into names on paper. Read more


Registration is about motivation and opportunity. Our Team helps you turn your message into messengers who deliver opportunity to the right targets. Read more


The medium is as important as the message. We help you build a grassroots army to bring the words and text of your TV and digital ads, mail pieces and phone calls to the doors and streets. We give your message faces. Read more


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About Us

At Scale is an award winning Democratic operation, organizing and political consultancy focused on solving problems and building successful program from the ground up. We provide campaigns, organizations and civic minded corporations with tools to build capacity and quickly turn their voices into on-the-ground activism. Our services include administrative / operations, voter registration, paid canvassing, voter registration, petition and signature gathering programs. We pride ourselves on developing adaptive solutions tailored to specific challenges.


Our Work Process.


To best assist we need a full picture of who you are. Our relationships always begin with learning everything about you and what makes your idea or organization tick. From there, we can best understand the challenges and how to reach the goal.


Taking your individual goals and challenges, we build a proposal that outlines objectives, staffing, elements, timelines and budgets. From there, we take your feedback to build the most individualized and unique approach to getting the job done.


We turn outlines into action and we do it quickly. Once we are signed to the closing day of the project, At Scale utilizes our operational and program expertise to nimbly execute the finalized plan while tracking goals and metrics accordingly.


Sometimes the first solution isn’t the best fit but our ability to adapt and change with modifications to resources, turf and timelines is unmatched. If the initial execution isn’t up to our standards, we evaluate and augment accordingly and swiftly.

Meet The CEO

Max Cummings

Max founded At Scale in 2018 after working in national politics for 14 years. Coming up in Field (read: “organizing”), he managed his first paid canvass program in 2005 as the Field Director for two Assembly candidates in New Jersey and in 2010 managed his first Congressional campaign for his longtime boss, Former Congressman Chris Carney (PA-10). In 2012, he went on to manage the primary campaign of Former Congressman John Delaney (MD-6) who won a 5-way race with over 50% of the vote. While managing his first firm, Kirby Campaigns, Max became the Iowa Operations Director for NextGen Climate Action Committee for the 2014 election cycle where he oversaw the budgeting, spending and logistics of a $11 million dollar program. In 2015, he closed Kirby Campaigns to join Paul Tewes and Julianna Smoot’s firm, Smoot Tewes Group, as their Chief Operating Officer. At STG, he managed the consulting firms business as well as overseeing the administrative duties of multiple clients. From 2016-2017, he took on a second position as the National Operations Director of For Our Future PAC/Action Fund where he oversaw the Human Resources, Legal, Operations, Accounting and Compliance departments and managed a $55 million dollar budget. Since forming At Scale, Max also served in the positions of Chief Administrative Officer for Beto O’Rourke’s Presidential campaign and in the same role for national independent expenditure, Organizing Together 2020. Born in Vermont and raised in Connecticut, Max is a graduate of American University with a Bachelors in Political Science and minor in Economics.


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